Get actionable insights on the Asian U.S. segment.

There are approximately 19.7 million Non-Hispanic Asian & Pacific Islander's the U.S. and they’re not all alike. To capture this market opportunity, you must first understand them: their likes, dislikes, preferences, behaviors, etc. You have to dig deeper into what makes them tick to find your next customer.

With Claritas’ CultureCode® consumer segmentation system, you can create consumer profiles or personas by acculturation segment to effectively tailor messaging, promotions, as well as products & services to the specific wants, needs, language usage and cultural practices of the diverse Asian-American market.

Download Claritas’ Asianicity Storyboards and see how we leveraged our CultureCodes for a deeper understanding of the Asian-American population. These storyboards provide detailed insights into each Asian acculturation segment (AA1 through AA5), covering their demographics, financial product usage, as well as a variety of shopping and media behaviors.

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