On the surface, optimizing campaign conversion across multiple channels can appear daunting. But in reality, it simply requires a more comprehensive approach to campaign measurement. In our new report, The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Optimizing Campaign ROI, we discuss best practices related to:

  • Validating Campaign Execution – Confirm that ads were delivered where and when they were planned – and were actually viewed by human eyes
  • Multichannel Attribution – Know more about when and how various marketing channels, messages, and partners are moving audiences to conversion from the first touch to the last
  • Lift Analysis – Understand how targeting specific audiences, as well as online and offline channels, are impacting ROI

Driving better ROI requires knowing more about what’s working – and improving what isn’t. This requires an accurate and transparent understanding of how specific channels in the media mix are driving people through the buying journey and ultimately to conversion.

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