The 2023 Insurance Report from Claritas provides an overview of the top challenges faced in the insurance industry and how intelligence-driven marketing insights can help yo solve those issues. The data presented is just a small sample of the full universe of insights we have available, but the pro tips shared are ones you can seamlessly integrate into marketing campaigns today.

What insights do we share in this report?

  • The consumer groups you need to focus on for growth and sustainability
  • Tips for how to be a better auto, residential, or life insurance provider 
  • A case study featuring Farmers Insurance and how we helped them develop a deeper understanding of multicultural insurance buyers to better align their targeting efforts 
  • A look at how often consumers insurance shop, for a better idea of who might be at risk for switching or who might be a 'fence sitter' willing to transfer their policy to your company
  • Success metrics from campaigns we've delivered on behalf of insurance providers - including one of our clients who gained 50K leads from a 90-day multichannel campaign!
  • Snapshots of real consumer households with demographic traits and behaviors like where they live, shop, eat, and what they listen to
  • The channel of service preferences for renters and homeowners
  • Multiple views of our data to help you make strategic decisions based on factors that matter
  • Barriers of entry for consumers currently without life insurance policies and pro tips on what you can do to reach and convert them


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